About Me

What’s up beautiful people!

I am a proud YouTube Content Creator that goes by the name of Jerutastic, my aim and my promise to all my viewers is to give you quality audio and video on everything I release on my channel.

My channel is mainly a gaming channel, and I love uploading, and giving commentary on city building games, strategy games, and action games. One of my favorite videos to do is GTA 5 LSPDFR videos, where I give my audience the most realistic policing I can possibly give them.

I created this website to blog about general gaming news, review products that I use to run my channel, and to connect with all of you guys. Make sure you take a look around the website by clicking on the menu and checking out what I’ve got.

My channel is growing by the way and I couldn’t be more excited about it, and I would like for you to join all of the fun and excitement by checking out my YouTube Channel, you can visit it by clicking on the banner below.